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How do I buy it?

iPhone applications are purchased and downloaded exclusively through the iPhone App Store in iTunes. Click on the iPhone App Store link anywhere on our site and it will take you there:

Available on the iPhone App Store

What happened to calendar searching?

The original version of Search submitted to Apple for approval for sale on the App Store included the ability to search calendar events. This functionality was initially rejected by Apple for using non public programming interfaces. Search was carefully developed to use only those public API's provided by Apple, and we believed that it had been developed in accordance with the iPhone SDK Agreement. Over the last few weeks we have been working with Apple to try and resolve this, however a last minute change in the final 2.1 firmware, totally locked out access to any calendaring information (we suspect in response to our submission of Search to the App Store). So it appears that Search, in it's intended form, will not be allowed for sale on the App Store in the foreseeable future.

What about email, SMS and notes searching?

Unfortunately, while we did have this functionality under development, Apple have also closed the door on this in the 2.1 firmware, in the same way as calendar searching is no longer possible.


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