App Development

  • iOS Development: Polar Bear Farm has been creating apps for the iPhone since before the App Store even existed. We can take your idea for an iOS app, plan, design, and implement it, then help you begin selling it on the App Store. We pride ourselves on creating fast, efficient and reliable software, with a solid portfolio to back it up.

    We are experienced with all aspects of iOS development, including custom UI design, networking, databases, animation and location support.

  • Mac Development: At the beginning of 2011, Apple launched the Mac App Store. We are able to develop a Mac app for you, either as a companion to your iOS app or something entirely standalone, which complies with each of Apple's Mac App Store standards, such as sandboxing and XPC.

Code & Design Reviews

If you already have an iOS app on the store which needs further development, we can work with you to improve it and get an update ready for submission to Apple. We have a few main areas of expertise:

  • Usability: The iPhone has taught users to expect software which is intuitive and easy to understand. Mobile apps can leverage new interesting inputs which make them unique from desktop or web apps. We specialise in crafting solutions which exploit these to the fullest to help make your apps simple and effortless to use. We can analyze each section of your app and determine the areas which may need improvement, rethinking, or have scope for enhancement, the outcome of which is a concrete, comprehensive report identifying specific problems or areas for improvement, a suggested level of importance, and recommended solutions.

  • Optimization: We can audit your existing codebase for performance problems, to make sure that it is fast and efficient on every iOS device on the current market. Users notice the smallest of implementation details, small delays in application responsiveness, long load times, and clunky animations all influence users perceptions of the overall quality of your app. We have extensive experience in this area to track down, and solve sometimes complex performance problems.

  • Accessibility: Apple has put an enormous amount of work into ensuring that its iOS devices are accessible to everybody who uses them. Technologies like VoiceOver allow those with impaired vision to use your software with ease – we are able to test every area of your user interface to make sure that VoiceOver users won't run into any unexpected hurdles along the way, giving you happier users and a larger market to sell to.

  • Localization: The App Store is available in 155 countries across the world, with the vast majority of these being areas in which English isn't a dominant language. We can work with you to ensure that your application is prepared for foreign markets right from the start. Alternatively, if you already have an application on the store, we can do all the work to organize and implement localization for you.


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