Tweet Push
Tweet Push allows you to receive push notifications for your Twitter accounts.

Tweet Push integrates with your favourite iPhone Twitter client, which is launched to load and view your new tweets. Best of all, Tweet Push will not count against your Twitter accounts API rate limit.

Note: Tweet Push is not a Twitter client. It is a companion app for the supported iPhone Twitter client of your choice.

Currently Supported iPhone Twitter Clients:
• Twitterrific
• Tweetie
• Twittelator
• TwitterFon
• Twinkle
• Birdfeed
• Twitterena
• SimplyTweet

You Are In Control:

Tweet Push allows you to control various aspects of how you are notified on your iPhone:

• Choose between 2, 5, & 10 minute check interval.
• Change the alert sound.
• Enable notifications from your general status timeline.
• Enable the text of the last tweet to be pushed to your phone.

To access these settings, please visit Your PBF Account

Ongoing Costs:

Tweet Push is a subscription based service at the cost of US$0.99 (or local iTunes price tier equivalent) per 30 days per twitter account.

When downloading Tweet Push, you can enable one Twitter account for 14 days, free.

You can purchase additional service in 30, 120, or 150 day blocks.

You can add as many Twitter accounts as you wish, but they require a purchase of at least 30 days service credit.

Why a credit based system? Well frankly it's the simplest method to ensure you get the most reliable push service possible for as long as you want it. The cost to support the server infrastructure to provide Tweet Push is an ongoing cost for us, so by offering a credit based system, we can guarantee your tweets will continue to be pushed as long as your account in in credit. It's simply a responsible and sustainable way to provide this service to you.

Things You Should Know:

In order to track your purchases and restore them if necessary, you'll be required to setup a PBF Account with us.

In order for the service to work, you must provide us with you Twitter username and password. Unfortunately there is no suitable alternative to this at the moment. We do not, and will not use these details for anything other than providing the function of this service. At the time of writing Twitter OAuth is still not considered production ready. We will move to an OAuth based login scheme once it is considered production ready.

Tweet Push will NOT use up any of your Twitter rate limit request allocations!

Push Notifications of new tweets may take up to 5 minutes to appear on your phone. This is beyond our control at the moment unfortunately.


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