Tweet Push FAQ

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How do I buy it?

iPhone applications are purchased and downloaded exclusively through the iPhone App Store in Apple iTunes. Click on the iPhone App Store link anywhere on our site and it will take you there:

Available on the iPhone App Store

Why doesn't Tweet Push show any text from the tweet?

There are a couple of reasons why this is technically difficult. The first thing to be aware of is the Apple Push Notification service powering Tweet Push only allows one alert to be displayed at one time per application. The second thing to know is that Twitter does not have an API call to keep track of the id of the last read tweet for mentions, or direct messages (or friends timeline for that matter). With these two limitations, hopefully the following example show why it's difficult to meaningfully push the text of the tweets to the phone:

Scenario: Direct Message alert recieved, followed by a mention alert sometime in the future.

For arguments sake, assume Tweet Push were to send the text of the tweet. Someone sends you an important direct message, the alert arrives on your phone, but you don't see it. Sometime later, a mention alert comes through to your phone. Remember that this mention notification will replace the previous direct message notification which you haven't seen (that's just how Apple Push Notification Service works). Say you read the text of the mention alert, and decide it's not worth opening a Twitter client to respond to, so you just dismiss the alert, not knowing there's actually still an important direct message waiting for you.

We decided that it's too misleading to show any tweet text in the alert, instead we just show a generic message. Also, because Twitter has no 'last read' API calls, it's not possible for Tweet Push to know whether that last direct message alert has been read or not, when it's about to send the mention alert which will replace it.

You can now enable pushing of the last message if you wish, by loging in to your account here

Why can't Tweet Push just show an unread tweet count in the notification?

The fact that Twitter has no 'last read' API call for mentions or direct messages makes it impossible to accurately push unread tweet counts to your phone. To do this would be confusing, and misleading, so we don't do it. We believe that Twitter are working to add such API calls in the future which will help make this possible.

Does using Tweet Push use any of my allocated Twitter API requests?

No. Using Tweet Push does not count towards your Twitter account's API request limit. Tweet Push will not cause your account to be rate limited.


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